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1-Slang name used by African American youths in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to describe a black mail with long hair that acts heterosexual however is suspected of being a queen.

2-Typically Lurch is a "Big talking" ladies man that no one ever sees with a woman.
I could totally see Lurch smoking someone's pole.
by EL_Coyote April 06, 2010
Derogatory description of a man’s overweight, out of shape or sagging man breasts or tits.
Get yourself some support and where a bra for your mits.
by EL_Coyote April 06, 2010
The term is a generic term used to describe the look on a man's face when performing oral sex on a woman. Term originates in the lte 1980s from the Grease Man radio show.
A- You give your girl a special to make up to her?
B- Oh yeah! I gave her a snarlin of epic proportions.
by EL_Coyote April 06, 2010
Slang term to describe a woman that shaves her pussy smooth. Referencing JonBenet Ramsey's age when she was murdered (prepubescent).
Hey baby, how you looking down there? Like JonBenet?

Aww, you look so young. Just like JonBenet.
by EL_Coyote April 06, 2010
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