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v. To eat the fuck out of something like you are the big lurch
I'm finna lurch this baconator.
by dsfasgd October 17, 2011
To leave in tough predicament or spot, not reliable, put someone in a bad position
"I don't care if I leave work in a lurch when I leave." I left everyone in a lurch when I took 5 days of vacation to go on a golf trip.
by charlesthomascj April 08, 2007
a person that creeps on his or her significant other on social networking websites to check for any irregularities such as cheating, flirting and other things.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: You're such a lurch.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I was lurching your tumblr.
by asianbarbie August 17, 2011
see poser; a lurch is somebody who walks int conversations they aren't meant to be in or acts in a way that they shouldn't// can be a noun or verb
1)dude, quit lurcin off me
2)that dude is a real lurch
by hums March 10, 2003
Nickname on Twitter for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Lurch says there is proof WMD Sarin Gas was used in Syria.
by Schnikel Fritz September 01, 2013
To tell someone your lifes story or to talk to someone about any subject for long periods of time without their consent.
Ryan lurched Carl on his first day of work.
by MysticWolf118 March 02, 2012
The space between your hands.
I was fucked up one night and could feel my lurch vibrating.
by lumpstump April 17, 2011