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A beautiful intelligent female with whom husbands enter into a marriage contract. As the years pass the husband will often notice that the wife looks more and more like 'momma' everyday.
"Momma makes good biscuits and you do too darlin'" the husband said to his wife.
by Rxer November 12, 2010
The oxycontin & oxycodone version of a coke whore.
Those oxycunts wont leave me alone when they know I have an oxycontin/oxycodone prescription!
by Rxer January 04, 2011
A Brand of Methaqualone manufactured in the 1970's. A sedative/hypnotic drug also known by another Brand name Quaalude. Actually a safer alternative to Barbiturates when developed but abuse led to its being reclassified as a Schedule 1 drug in the US.
I had a prescription for Sopors years ago, it was a great sleeping pill!
by Rxer November 12, 2010
street for Librax. Librax is a combination of the two drugs Clidinium and Chlordiazepoxide. This drug dates back to at least the 1960's and was patented by the famous boys at Hoffman LaRoche. Clidinium is an anticholinergic (think of scopolamine) which slows peristalsis and has a drying effect on the GI system. Chlordiazepoxide is also known a Librium. Which later gave way to a metabolite Diazepam, also know as Valium. The combination of an anticholinergic and sedative was thought to be useful for spastic colon, hypermotility type disorders.
Hey, the MD gave me some clidina for my spazzy colon!
by Rxer January 04, 2011
Ebonics for 'This is his colon'
When showing the large intestine, the afro-american medical student said, disembowel.
by Rxer November 14, 2010
Extreme awareness brought about by psychotropic compounds.
My friend was pharmacognant after he ate some mushrooms. He saw 3 suns and 2 moons.
by Rxer January 04, 2011
To dance, badly. Typically applied to males, but can be applied to females in certain instances.
Bubba is a great lurcher! or Lets go search & lurch!
by Rxer November 12, 2010

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