a state of delerium and para-consciousness; beyond censsiant recognition of one's own self
Mr. Shree, you keep insisting that I spit on these women and defecated in their general direction, but I was so lurched out, I don't even remember it.
by L.ets U.se R.aunchy C.unt H.ookerz November 12, 2002
see poser; a lurch is somebody who walks int conversations they aren't meant to be in or acts in a way that they shouldn't// can be a noun or verb
1)dude, quit lurcin off me
2)that dude is a real lurch
by hums March 10, 2003
Nickname on Twitter for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Lurch says there is proof WMD Sarin Gas was used in Syria.
by Schnikel Fritz September 01, 2013
The physical motion whereby it is attempted by an individual, usually labouring under excessive intoxication, to forcefully lock lips with an unsuspecting female. The gesture is usually initiated from a considerable distance so as to take the victim by surprise.
Andrew: 'Dude did you see David lurch all those girls at the ball on Friday?'
Jack: 'Yeah I felt so sorry for them - heaps were crying after it'
by JTrain101 August 11, 2012
v. To eat the fuck out of something like you are the big lurch
I'm finna lurch this baconator.
by dsfasgd October 17, 2011
a person that creeps on his or her significant other on social networking websites to check for any irregularities such as cheating, flirting and other things.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: You're such a lurch.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I was lurching your tumblr.
by asianbarbie August 17, 2011
To tell someone your lifes story or to talk to someone about any subject for long periods of time without their consent.
Ryan lurched Carl on his first day of work.
by MysticWolf118 March 02, 2012
a male in his late teens or early twenties that hits on teenage girls, even after being given the knowledge that she is underage, and she has hinted/told him to back off.
That lurch i gave my number to at the mall wont stop calling me!
by misstuscansun918 January 14, 2011
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