A fat or obese guy. He is fat because he eats a lot; a lunchbox is full of food. Can it be more obvious?
"Hey, Lunchbox, quit taking my food!"
by Balano November 17, 2004
Top Definition
Formed from the word lunchin. A lunchbox is a clueless high kid, who acts stupid, and lacks common sense; usually perjorative in nature.
That kid is such a lunchbox!
by Kat November 20, 2004
a person who is acting stupid, dumb, crazy, hilarious, angry, high, absent minded, drunk, retarded or weird, and can be any combination of the previous. This word originated in DC and Maryland (and other select places on the east coast), and is quite rare to be heard anywhere else. It is also hard for people to understand it's context who aren't from the area
"your a lunchbox"
"that kid is a lunchbox"
Q: "yo remember at lunch when that retarded kid started yelling and jumping up and down??"
A:"yea what a lunchbox!"
by HQEWQS October 06, 2007
A person who is lunchin all the time.
"That bamma Chris a lunch box." "Yeah, he stay lunchin."
by Ziek May 02, 2005
(N) a person who is lunchin or does so very often; someone who is laughing hysterically and uncontrollably; someone who is incoherent and/or frantic
"Yo, check out this lunch box, I think he's having a seizure!"

"Three bong hits of some KB will make me a complete lunch box."
by L0ve_Kills April 19, 2005
1.) verb. When in the throes of passion, the man suddenly takes all of his junk (including his flaccid penis) and shoves them into the wide-open and welcoming mouth of the woman.

2.) noun. A woman whose mouth is large enough to accept all of your junk.
(verb) I think I'm going to lunchbox the shit out of Sally tonight.

(noun) Sally looks like a real lunchbox!
by wrflmh April 02, 2014
When a women stuffs her vagina with miscellaneous foods
"My wife loves to say she is packing my lunchbox , when she is actually stuffing her vagina with fruit."
by IFGODWASONEOFUS February 01, 2015
A woman's genitals. Derived from 'eating out', and the act of engaging in intercourse in the middle of the day.
"I bet she's got a totally unopened lunchbox"
"Yeah man. What I wouldn't give"
by BDA12 May 21, 2012
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