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overweight and/or very FAT person who is grimmy, loves to eat his and your food, is always hungry and thinks he is cool as bananas. Also likes to drive sport cars and likes to follow other ppl, very undependable.
Hey look its that lunchbox comming out of mcdonalds... he said he was going home??
Richard Chen
by Jayson Patrick September 11, 2005
31 47
Formed from the word lunchin. A lunchbox is a clueless high kid, who acts stupid, and lacks common sense; usually perjorative in nature.
That kid is such a lunchbox!
by Kat November 20, 2004
291 107
a person who is acting stupid, dumb, crazy, hilarious, angry, high, absent minded, drunk, retarded or weird, and can be any combination of the previous. This word originated in DC and Maryland (and other select places on the east coast), and is quite rare to be heard anywhere else. It is also hard for people to understand it's context who aren't from the area
"your a lunchbox"
"that kid is a lunchbox"
Q: "yo remember at lunch when that retarded kid started yelling and jumping up and down??"
A:"yea what a lunchbox!"
by HQEWQS October 06, 2007
194 57
A person who is lunchin all the time.
"That bamma Chris a lunch box." "Yeah, he stay lunchin."
by Ziek May 02, 2005
137 81
(N) a person who is lunchin or does so very often; someone who is laughing hysterically and uncontrollably; someone who is incoherent and/or frantic
"Yo, check out this lunch box, I think he's having a seizure!"

"Three bong hits of some KB will make me a complete lunch box."
by L0ve_Kills April 19, 2005
82 32
The term Lunchbox referring to an absent minded individual or “Freudian slip” may have evolved from the phrase “Out to Lunch” or “mentally checked out” for the moment. Later, the term Lunchin was added to refer to an action, event, thing, and person (basically a noun). A Lunchbox is a person which makes you want to Facepalm! Believed to be words indigenes to the metropolitan area of DC, MD, and NOVA.

Your local pothead gets called Lunchbox often. Newly evolved term Lunchbag is a person not even good enough for the Box!
Your a LunchBox
That movie Inception was Lunchin
by CloudKiss March 14, 2011
29 27
a familiar term for a fat guy (usually your friend, or hetero-life partner)
"Hey, Lunchbox!!! Check out the tits on that bitch!!!"
by jay February 05, 2003
72 72
Coined by Joe Rogan when talking about the size of a U.F.C fighters fists.
What are you gonna do when he starts droppin those lunch boxes down on your face.
by captainstooley August 08, 2009
1 2