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When a woman has too much loose skin in the pussy. AKA roast beef.
Damn, that stripper is fine as hell but she got way too much lunch meat!!!!!
by Buttermilk April 06, 2005
persons of lower quality or mediocrity
Those guys hired all the lunchmeat we just let go.
by Joe Bone March 11, 2005
The slowest or last hiker in the group when hiking in bear country.
Chris if you don't stay with the rest of the group you might become lunch meat.
by Kajoe September 04, 2006
A Chicago Term when something is dead or Out of luck. Not going to happen. Mainly used on the westside of Chicago, in L-Town.
Person A: aye! Let me get a dollar.
Person B: Hell Naw that shit lunch meat.
by Young Rico and B-Skeet July 25, 2007
When a female performs the act of sitting (i.e. straddling) on a males mouth, nose, and/or general facial area. Men "teabag" women, usually on the forehead, but not contained only to that area, while women "lunchmeat" their male counterparts. In other words, if you opened a package of sliced lunchmeat and shoved your face into the side, you'd essentially be replicating this act.
DUDE!! Last night after I woke up your sister, teabagging her in her sleep, she totally woke me up this morning laying that lunchmeat on my face!! I ate that pussy like grade A roast beef! U mad bro?
by Bird76Mojo November 02, 2011
What you feel like after a hrad night of partying.
Chris felt like a pound of lunchmeat after last night's party.
by sickness June 25, 2005
A condition in which one is possessive of an upscale sense of humor. Often a Lunchmeat will totally baffle the opposing party instead of making them laugh.
I would totally laugh if I had any idea what you just said. You're a total lunchmeat.
by Snausage April 02, 2005
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