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A bong of such great power, the likes of which has never been seen before. Can only be used by a good knoght for good purpose.
"knights of the round table, behold... EXCALIBONG!"
by Angus May 20, 2004
A sport in which participants dress up like flamboyant 70's pimps and race a greased-up hobo in a shopping cart through an obstacle course, such as a mall or department store. Extra points are awarded for business transactions made along the way for those who mistake you for a real pimp.
For the third year in a row, Jon is the Regional Super Fly Hobo Slipping Champion.
by Angus June 08, 2003
Twee term for vagina
"Down in the cockpit
Man needs a woman to pull him right out of it"
XTC Down in the Cockpit
by Angus June 17, 2004
To rock out in the most dorky way possible. To enjoy oneself without fear of looking like an idiot, despite the fact that one does look like an idiot.
We were totally dorking out over the new Xbox.
by angus May 12, 2004
To make a composition in the style of Frank Zappa; "put the eyebrows" on a musical or textual creation.
I was going to keep it stark, but then the imp in my head made me decide to zappa it instead.
by Angus June 19, 2004
(n)An MP3 player that, while competent, is not nearly as prestigious as the white-earphoned variety made by Apple.
"ere, check out his two-hundred quid shy-pod, the cheap bastard."

"It's a two hundred quid shy-pod; It aint flashy, but it does the job."
by Angus June 06, 2005
A guitar driven sound.
The vocals are enhanced by an array of melodic riffola.
by Angus April 04, 2003

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