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Are you down with the sickness??
by Sickness August 01, 2003
People who love to party for no particular reason. The word was coined by a group of guys stationed together at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs during 1983-1985.
The trashmonsters threw another classic party last night.
by sickness June 25, 2005
Someone who likes the old zombie movies when zombies moved really slow and sluggish.
Hey man, wanna watch Zombieland tonight?

No thanks, I don't care for the new zombies that can run fast. I'm a zombie snob.
by sickness June 26, 2012
What you feel like after a hrad night of partying.
Chris felt like a pound of lunchmeat after last night's party.
by sickness June 25, 2005
What someone can feel like after a wild night of partying.
After last night's party, Chris woke up and said he felt like a pound of lunch meat.
by sickness June 25, 2005

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