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getting oral sex while taking a dump
"did u hear, tom got lumpkin last night
by jon the pimpmaster flex March 24, 2006
358 210
The act of oral sex performed on a man while defecating.
After receiving a thorough buggering from Niles, Jeeves retired to the loo in order to clear out the felch. Luckily for him, Niles returned the earlier favor and gave him an outstanding lumpkin.
by Marklar August 18, 2004
1363 396
Getting a blowjob while taking a shit.
When joe is taking a shit, instead of reading a magazine, joe calls his girlfriend over to give him a lumpkin.
by miamiheatonfire3 March 28, 2006
719 213
Lumpkin:To give or recieve a blowjob, while taking a shit on the toilet.
"dude did you hear how Austin got a lumpkin from Kyli?" "ya Garyn told me about it, thats BAMFin"

See B.A.M.F in dictionary
by Joe Bamf August 01, 2006
184 164
a man taking a shit and getting a blow job

also a town in georgia
that lumpkin made her stink for days
by smoogrish December 16, 2006
90 72
Getting head while you take a dump.
she gives lumpkins at moncton high, half off on tuesdays.
by monanie October 07, 2006
75 59
When a female gives a male oral sex while he is releasing feces in the toilet.
" Ayo Kev got a lumpkin from his bitch last night. "
by Jackie && Shelly June 23, 2006
123 111