The act of a man reciveing oral sex while he is a having a bowel movement.
"Dude Sally gave Jim a lumpkin last night!"
"Damn that's pretty gross."
by Sir Nifkin May 29, 2007
A lumpkin is a extremely beautiful yet misterious girl who who you see very often but know nothing about. She may seem shy and cute at first but when you get to know her she can have a bad girl side to her.

a lumpkin is NOT when a guy gets a blow job wile pooping!!
that girl over there...herd shes pretty lumpkin
by ashleyfdf September 16, 2007
a lesbian blumpkin. A woman eats out her lesbian friend while she proceeds to doo doo.
Jill gave Lisa a Lumpkin in the locker room after tennis practice
by dave miller from L.A.C. November 27, 2006
Latin for really small pumpkin
mommy can i go get a lumpkin today for holloween please?
by Humpfree October 20, 2006
guys taking a shit while someone sucks the off
grand ma you want a lumpkin? yeah i wanna lumpkin!
AKA: dumpkin, jumpkin, sumpkin,zumpkin, humpkin.
by jonbennet July 09, 2006
an extremely lumpy pumpkin
The pumkin patch was loaded with a bunch of old, little lumpkins.
by ApolloThe Great July 15, 2006
when you get cancer on your dick
shit man... u just got the lumpkins
by G-balla June 01, 2005
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