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Getting a blowjob while taking a shit.
When joe is taking a shit, instead of reading a magazine, joe calls his girlfriend over to give him a lumpkin.
by miamiheatonfire3 March 28, 2006
Cheap spanish people who think they are cooler than everyone else. wanna be blacks, and also cheap assholes.
HAHah hey he ryan look at that spigger over there he has a big 25cent chain and he has a really short haircut so his parents don't have to pay for another haircut soon! CHEAP BASTERDS
by miamiheatonfire3 May 12, 2006
basically a bullshit religon which desperate celberties believe in and other desperate fucks
Omg! Tom Cruise is so stupid because of his extreme amouunt money he combusted and became a member of scientology just like michael Jacckson, when he turned rich he decided to fuck lil boys and turn white....waaa fucking hooooo yay to all of you combusted fuckers
by miamiheatonfire3 August 26, 2006

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