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He's the most amazing, sexy, funny, adorable boy you will ever meet! He loves to make people laugh and can't stand seeing anyone sad. He is physically a Ginger with dark brown eyes and an adorable smile. If you're lucky enough to be near him don't ever let him go. He's perfectly imperfect and you'll never find anyone like him. Ever.
A sexeh man beast xD Luke.
by the luckiest girl ever! April 09, 2012
8 0
A wanna-be Bruce Lee who will always try his hardest and achieve any goal he thinks up. He super supportive and will do anything for the ones he loves. Luke is always ther for his friends, family and special girl. Lukes are also amazing kissers!
Gemma: OMGOSH! Luke is so amazing! He even listened to my crying on the phone at 2 am when i had some things going on!
by ConnectionsXD December 30, 2011
10 2
A human Swiss army knife.
Just when you think nothing else can be done he pulls a Luke and BAM! Mission accomplished!

Man that guys such a Luke, he's got skills!

That Guy has the Midas touch he must be a Luke!
by gingersweets December 04, 2011
11 3
Luke is the best guy friend anyone could ever have! He is an amazing person! He is trustworthy. He is so much fun to be around! He is so cool! He is sporty. You can always count on him! He secretly likes this one girl, and she secretly likes him! He should go for that girl. She will say yes. And Luke is very cute!
Luke is my bestfriend!

That person is defiantly a luke
by Girly12 June 12, 2013
7 1
A total sweetheart of a guy, who makes his friends feel loved...most of the time. Overall one of the best guy friends a girl could ask for. Also occasionally very tall.
"Hey, who's that guy you're always texting?"
'His name is Luke, he's my best friend'
"With a name like that, I can see why"
by ShortOne May 05, 2013
6 1
A guy. Usually sexy in a different way. Nice, not much of a player, but lots of girls secret lust/love him. A punk or gangster or bad boy all around. A good guy when you get to know him, seemingly doesn't give a **** about anything. Seems weird/scary at first sight but turns out to be a quality friend. Huge schlong. Will be friends with anyone almost. Funny, drinks occasionally.
"you know luke?"
"he's so hot! he's awesome too!"
"no he isn't he's weird"
"yeah right, we talk all the time"
by hiitsyournamer November 27, 2011
8 3
the boy you are the father of
"Luke, I am your father."
by hahaaalol August 08, 2012
7 3