A person who likes to bang girls and describe them as homework so he can do them all night.
the sort of person who will be so addicted to fifa he would rather be single and not free to mingle.
despite this you cant help but love him!
"he was really annoying me on fifa but he so loveable, he is such a luke"
by emily2k14 September 22, 2014
A person which is always second best to Jeeves and is not ashamed to let everyone know his penis is the size of a cocktail sausage
That guy is such a Luke
by AfcJeeves July 06, 2015
A super cocky guy, known for being sassy in everything he does. Often, he has a last name that is hard to pronounce, and is generally italian. Also, they are great at taking beautiful selfies. He's a player as well.
Wow, remember when Luke posted a dick pic to his snapchat story!
by therealqueenb May 30, 2014
Name given to those with really attractive sexy toes and feet. Mainly applys to males, can apply to females
No wonder he's called Luke, his toes are adorable.
I would totally spunk all over Lukes feet
by TheOneOfTheBum January 29, 2012
He is amazing. He has gorgeous eyes and dark hair. He has a good sense of humor and he drives a white truck . He picks his guitar everyday and he knows how to change a flat tire. He likes to fight fires.
king, pimp, firefighter, country, city, Luke
by emodrumgirl February 03, 2010
intransitive verb

1 a : to take pleasure in directing others to commit an injustice b : to encourage an evil deed.

2 : to stroke one's ego by encouraging others to do harm

Examples of Luke
. The boss had a boner after luking an older employee.
. The department director luked Joe via Eric.
. Dion was bored so he luked Steve.
by Steafan March 28, 2012
Luke is a duck. Luke is Nell's school husband. Luke hugs like a dinosaur. Luke has a trashbag coat. He can cheer you up, because he's a hella amazing duck.
Nell: back off of Luke, he's my husband
by Pinkfluffyunicorm. March 14, 2015
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