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an absolute dickhead who likes other girls while he has another girlfriend.
'I think I'm gonna dump my boyfriend, I think his Lukeing me!'
by Yommmama October 02, 2009
Someone who likes a lot of small ladies especially ones named Bridget, Jocelyn, Stacy, etc. Also a big show-off and a baby.
OMG, that noob is such a Luke!
by Fruitcake Lukie August 25, 2009
To sexually eye-up a girl or boy who is underage or with an extremely big age gap.







"that old man is luking like a bitch."

"i saw this girl yesterday and was almost Luking at her."

"i walked past the school this morning and luked."
by Fred2 rocks April 24, 2008
]luke]: a lame kid with a small penis so small that he cant do anything with a female he also is a fatass that eats junk food when he can have it
by crap butt face February 07, 2010
a guy who is white but thinks he is black, he is a pain in the ass and his nose is the biggest part on his body
"whazzup man"
"your white...must be luke"
by big fish little fish May 15, 2009
A guy with an abnormally large chin
He has a Luke chin
by Jerichoholic88 September 01, 2008
One who has mental issues; bipolar disorder. Also, a chronic liar and one that makes up idiotic stories because one thinks it will impress other ones, but ones know that the "luke" is lying. Literal psycho-path.
Did you just see that guy throw that x-box controller at his girlfriend?

Yeah, he's such a freaking Luke.
by peanut brittle August 17, 2008