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a very complicated young man who says one thing and does the other. He makes it hard for himself to gain respect. Even though he does have a good heart, he just doesn't think about others which result in him coming across as arrogant and cocky. His morals and values are a bit out but like I said he is a good man
Luke: " I like this picture"

Emily: "why is that"

Luke: "I look fit in it"
by confused girl March 23, 2010
A boy who is so full of himself and feeds of Hate and Drama
Loves to sit down with a cup of tea and watch corrie
Man 1: I'll hit you
Luke: Yummy
by GuyWhoLikesBattlefield October 15, 2012
a very big boned dude very laid back dude an outdoorsMAN
is very unconsistant when it comes to working out(getting swole) a very funny dude used to be able to do a gay little split also a very fierce hunter not even rambo can hide from him.
the man that sits next to me is a luke
by fucking mexican December 10, 2010
to abandon a bottled drink (usually a beer) with a considerable amount of its contents remaining.

named for a certain UF student who would open a new beer before finishing his old one, because he didn't like drinking the warm beer at the bottom of the bottle.
Dude, who luked this beer?
by The Frugie January 23, 2006
a kid with a billion friends but also has a small penis with no bush.
luke has alot of friends
by zzzeee May 26, 2012
A large human resembling a whale.
He's so big he was probably baptized at Sea World, he's such a Luke
by hbrgteufrhtyerhwuy July 22, 2011
Luke is a follower he will stand next to the fire when it is not on. Luke would usually have glasses and wear old baggy clothes he is a short skinny guy. You can usually convince Luke to buy you any thing you want or like.Luke is usually a bad cook and he will watch you get dressed and sleep and even eat.
Luke is a one of a kind guy
by kenny and joey May 27, 2011