The sweetest man you'll ever meet. He is great with little ones and very caring. He also is very handsome. Who ever is to cross paths with a Luke then you better snatch him up before you lose your chance!
Girl 1: "Wow look at that guy over there!"
Girl 2: "He's so dreamy! He must be a Luke!"
by Dping December 09, 2014
Luke's are mainly ass wipes, who take drugs and snout around for girls using the smells of there sti infested vaginas.
You see him over there he's a total Luke
by Iwillripyoutoshreds June 19, 2016
Gay Britsh dude who asks out girls, and had a toothpick size dick.
Luke bend down so I can penetrate u
by TheBigBoyMaster July 10, 2016
A penguin loving tall blonde breadstick
im trying so hard to stay in my lane but that breadstick luke didnt shave his beard

I know right, i love my kitty lane but holy moly that beard makes him look like 25

I wasnt ready
by clubmgcs September 21, 2015
A true blooded American. Loves to fuck bitches and get money. Typically Luke will have a girlfriend but realize girlfriends suck and being single and slaying poon is better. All the ladies think he is attractive but he doesn't go for them. Nobody completely understands Luke and when they ask he simply says, "Beer, bitches and bucks." Then walks off.
Someone who loves America and gets all the bitches.

Luke always has a huge dick.
by Lukluke September 16, 2013
Someone extremely funny with an amazing smile. He can make any awkward moment unawkward. He's an extreme chic magnet, and everyone wants to date him. He's a great boyfriend, and will make you feel like the greatest girl in the world while you are dating him. However, you need to keep your distance from Lukes. They are also players, and will take advantage of you. Although he's great while you date him, he'll dump you in an instant for no apparent reason, and go right to the next girl. And if you get on a lukes bad side it can get nasty. They are usually not good partners with Beths.
Girl one: "Hey, look at that cute guy over there. Who is he?"
Girl two: "I don't know. He looks like a Luke"
by Barbara Litler February 07, 2013
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