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Newfoundland slang for 'look'
"What's that over there, luh?"
by Jerry McJerJer May 26, 2007
54 72
Ebonics term for "Love". Also means someone more than likes a person but doesn't actually "Love" them.
Gul, you know I luh ya, now shut tha f**k up and finish cooking my grits!!!
by ALT August 31, 2004
238 54
Anything awesome, jaw dropping, out of the ordinary,impressive, cool,hella tight, mad dope, etc.
Hey that was so effin luhs when bruce willis was dead at the end of sixth sense!

Catchin some luhs 30 foot waves right now.

Hella lettuce around here lookin super luhs were deff getting blayjobs
by CaptainLuhs July 21, 2011
8 20
Ebonics term for "little" or "lil"
You just a luh bitch!
by Gbaby555 August 18, 2011
26 49
Norwegian for lol, "Ler ut høyt".
<Donny> You suck!
<Bill> LUH!
by Howie August 08, 2004
29 55
abbreviation for Laughing Uber Hard.

It is to be used in the place of the exceedingly used "lol" or "lmao"

*please use sparingly as so it does not become as tickity as "lol"
(in reply to something funny, witty, or amusing as in "we totaly pranked him bad")
*"i know LuH"*
17 49
Meaning you are homosexual or like boys instead of females
Nick: Hey i heard something
Jay: What nick
Nick: I hear you was luh
Jay: yes i am straight luh and i like boys
Nick: I knew it!
by Ted flute April 25, 2009
7 40