Meaning you are homosexual or like boys instead of females
Nick: Hey i heard something
Jay: What nick
Nick: I hear you was luh
Jay: yes i am straight luh and i like boys
Nick: I knew it!
by Ted flute April 25, 2009
Laughing Uber Hard.
It's the new LOL.
You should try saying it.
LOL is so outdated now.
And German things are cool.
stupit: LOL
smart person: That's so old. Trying saying LUH now.

made up by awesomelyn and radchelle.
by Rachelle! June 22, 2007
abbreviation for Laughing Uber Hard.

It is to be used in the place of the exceedingly used "lol" or "lmao"

*please use sparingly as so it does not become as tickity as "lol"
(in reply to something funny, witty, or amusing as in "we totaly pranked him bad")
*"i know LuH"*

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