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Ebonics term for "Love". Also means someone more than likes a person but doesn't actually "Love" them.
Gul, you know I luh ya, now shut tha f**k up and finish cooking my grits!!!
by ALT August 31, 2004
skilled ninja in the art of bananation. Also skilled in all things dreamcast.
keep it up and I will pull a dcnate and hit you when you least expect it.
by Alt April 07, 2004

The japanese slang word invented for sexual intercourse. Any references made during normal conversation with the use of "Waist-Shake" can be blamed on Azrael

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/bwym2

PS: We blame Azrael
Do you wish to "Waist-Shake"
by Alt June 11, 2005
town that everyone disses but everyone is also too much of a fucking scared ass punk to say anything to anyone that is a fan of the raider nation. maybe because the silver and black will kick their lame ass.
<fag> man, oakland is a dump.
<raider fan> what was that?
<fag> shit, nothing.
by alt June 05, 2005
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