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luffles, slightly like 'luff' only better!
Jon: Luff ya
Danni: Luffles ya more
by dude0212 August 03, 2005
a luffle is known as a "love huggle" shared between two or more people. (look up huggles)

*word created by nel and ry*
real life:
shared between boyfriends/girlfriends, family members and close friends

*luffles you up* ^_^
by neldinne July 11, 2003
To love
I luffle my bestie.

I luffled that kidd, only cuz I stole his candy.

Do you luffle muffins? I like luffle them!

by Butterfall September 27, 2008
1. Waffles of love; an alternative to/abbreviation of saying "waffles of love upon you!"

2. To have overflowing love for someone to the point of needing to store it in little compartments.

Often used between couples in texts or while cuddling.
Also commonly seen in family or close-friend relationships.
txt: Luffles you! <3
by LuffleBunny June 26, 2011
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