A 'Lucy' is a very inteligent and beautiful woman with the heart of an angel and the courage of a fierce lion-ess. She one of the nicest people you will ever meet or come across.
Guy: WOW, who the heck is that?:O
Other Guy: OMG thats LUCY
Guy: Wow she's so sexy i want her in my pants.

*Lucy Walks Past* -Smiles-

*guys fall on the floor*

Guy and other guy: She Is the most beautiful person i've ever seen!:O
by the_amazing_definition_giver98 November 28, 2011
The Christian name (first name) given to a beautiful baby, Who'd grantee to grow up
to be an intellectual, gorgeous blue eyed girl, with a heart warming smile that would
make anyone fall for..

The name Lucy can be followed by any surname due to the expressiveness. Both long and
short, although best suited for surnames beginning with P, L, or C.

Most common abbreviation of the name; Luce.
New kid Thinks when sees Lucy:-

*Woah, who's that girl with the gorgeous eyes? It's as if someone had stolen the
stars from the sky and put them in her eyes.

She's way to good for me though.. I'd just like to know her name. I wish I wasn't so
shy.. I'd do anything, if it meant I could sit next to her and simple talk.*
by Lucytheelphant February 18, 2010
A believer. One who sees things others can't. One who brings everyone together and saves the world!
Why are you so awesome Madam?

Well.. my parents did name me Lucy...
by putalidonitnnipitindabud October 23, 2012
lucy,she's amazing;gorgeous&never puts anyone down.
always has a smile,hides everything from most people...except close friends. green eyes+maybe a dimple but it depends where she's from..dimples from the uk!
hows your relationship going?
i want a lucy,but i have a sofia.
oh you silly fool!
by kippyfish October 09, 2012
A bonde haired, blue eyed girl who has an adorable nose. She has a small frame and the best butt! She's extremely nerdy and intelligent but also extremely friendly. She's the nicest person you'll ever meet!!!! She is extremely shy but once you get her to open up she's your friend for life. She's extremely silly and loves to laugh! She will always be loyal and faithful to the ones she loves. She's most likely a Hufflepuff (: DFTBA
Person 1: "Hey you know Lucy?"
Person 2: "Yeah she's pretty cute."
by Atticus Picard August 13, 2011
Lucy's are amazing once you get to knoe them,they will be like your sister.They are beautifull and smart :)They always have a smile on thier face,There super kind and I LOVE DEM !
They like this boy called Martin :)
Person 2: shes taken by a boy called martin ;)
by katyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy1997 December 07, 2010
The Lucy system is an ambiguous system of measurement based on the hight and wingspan of a Lucy. It exists in several variations, with a single Lucy being the equivalent to 1.56 metres. The Lucy measurement system can be used in a number of comparisons of different objects (its c. 250,000 Lucy’s from London to Scarborough or there are 20 cocktail sticks in a Lucy).
its about 250,000 Lucy’s from London to Scarborough or there are 20 cocktail sticks in a Lucy.
by mattywhi August 02, 2010

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