lucy,she's amazing;gorgeous&never puts anyone down.
always has a smile,hides everything from most people...except close friends. green eyes+maybe a dimple but it depends where she's from..dimples from the uk!
hows your relationship going?
i want a lucy,but i have a sofia.
oh you silly fool!
by kippyfish October 09, 2012
a darling, lovely beautiful creature that has constant ethereal beauty and charm
She's such a sweet Lucy!
by LovelyLu's closest companion December 02, 2011
A 'Lucy' is a very inteligent and beautiful woman with the heart of an angel and the courage of a fierce lion-ess. She one of the nicest people you will ever meet or come across.
Guy: WOW, who the heck is that?:O
Other Guy: OMG thats LUCY
Guy: Wow she's so sexy i want her in my pants.

*Lucy Walks Past* -Smiles-

*guys fall on the floor*

Guy and other guy: She Is the most beautiful person i've ever seen!:O
by the_amazing_definition_giver98 November 28, 2011
A bonde haired, blue eyed girl who has an adorable nose. She has a small frame and the best butt! She's extremely nerdy and intelligent but also extremely friendly. She's the nicest person you'll ever meet!!!! She is extremely shy but once you get her to open up she's your friend for life. She's extremely silly and loves to laugh! She will always be loyal and faithful to the ones she loves. She's most likely a Hufflepuff (: DFTBA
Person 1: "Hey you know Lucy?"
Person 2: "Yeah she's pretty cute."
by Atticus Picard August 13, 2011
lucy, is a young and beautiful chick who is the envy of everybody at school. Her good looks and amazingly hot body attracts the boys. she is a great friend who is super smart and funny. A little bit of a rockstar, Lucy will rock your world each and every day. she has sandy blonde/brown hair ( likes to keep it really natural), tanned skin and brown eyes , her rack is huge and she likes to flaunt it. every boy in town crawls for her but every Lucy knows that boys have to work to win her heart.
she is actually so hot that she could easily be Justin Bieber's date on the red carpet. that's how hot she.
bro, did you see Lucy on the weekend? She look so hot!

man, no i didn't! i'm so diappointed because i try to see her as much as a can but so many guys are chasing her that she is hard to catch :(

bro, i know how you feel, the guys were talking about how how she was today and like almost the whole grade jimmed in and starting talking about her too.

bro, i have to get me Lucy
by story teller 101 June 08, 2011
a girl who gets bummed and gets rimmed
and enjoys it
"oh my god! that hurt but it was fun"
"your such a lucy"
by Fred poo March 06, 2008
Slang word for female genitalia. Compare to "Peter" for male counter-part.
"You ain't shit if you can't get some Lucy with these dumb, easy broads..."
by Pjag September 10, 2007

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