The most amazing and forgiving girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to have her. And she's amazing in bed. Every guy wants her but there's only one man for her. So loyal and trusting. And fit as hell.
1. I wish I had a Lucy, I would bang her every night, she's peng.
2. Don't you worry about her cheating? nahh, she's a Lucy.
by lollidollx September 23, 2010
A funny girl who craves for a laugh! Mostly found in Leicester, UK. She falls in love with the ones she hasn't known for long.
Lucy is a girl who Everyone is friends with, she hates arguments and she is really pretty but thinks she's ugly!
She has One and only One Best friend, Lucy normally has brown hair, with blue, beautiful eyes. She NEVER Cries at school but she cries over the stupidest of things at home.
You go out with a girl called Lucy? Never let her go Bro.
Lucy is fucking amazing!!!!
I love my best friend Lucy.
if you be horrible to my Girl friend lucy I'll kill you.
by pom123456789 January 28, 2012
A single cigarette that is sold by itself, not within the package it normally comes in.
"Lets go down to the corner store and buy a lucy, I've only got 20 cents on me."
by JDub1983 June 24, 2008
A single cigarette bought at a corner store from an arab
Let me get a lucy, mohammed jihad
by Dustin Charles March 04, 2005
Lucifer's Leap. One of the harder trails at Butternut ski area, but still wicked easy.
Im gonna go down Lucy's, man.
by annon. February 08, 2004
Lucy is a really pretty girl with long brown hair and amazing blue eyes. She doesn't need make up to look beautiful and she turns heads wherever she goes.

She is gorgeous but she often doesn't realise it, as she can be insecure at times. She is the nicest girl you will ever meet and genuinely cares about other people.

She doesn't like arguments but she can stand up for herself very well in the face of conflict. She is very intelligent and extremely good at creative writing.

She loves music and she has an amazing, god given singing voice. She teaches herself guitar and she is very talented.

People sometimes take advantage of her and talk about her behind her back due to jealousy. Lucy finds it hard to trust people and doubts herself more than she should.

Lucy is laughing and smiling most of the time and she has a wonderful sense of humour.

Her cute little dimple makes her even more beautiful.
Guy 1: Damn, is that Lucy?
Girl 2: She's not even that pretty!
Guy 1: You're clearly jealous.
Guy 2: Agreed. Look at that ass!
by KatherynBakerStreer August 13, 2013
A beautiful, kind, gorgeous woman who has dazzling eyes and a smile to die for. She doesn't know she is beautiful but everyone around her thinks she's perfect. She has boys falling at her feet all the time. She is the fashion guru and everyone desires to be her. Her brown, gorgeous hair looks amazing all the time even when she hasn't brushed it or even touched it.
Person 1: who's that? She's beautiful !

Person 2: that must be a Lucy !
by Cool_dude24 April 21, 2013

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