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An amazing sexy beast, whos is amazing in every way possible. Her eyes are big and beautiful, she's intelligent and tastes of vanilla omnomnom. She always brings happiness where ever she goes by lighting up the room with her smile. she loves snuggle cuddles, and once you start to cuddle her you never want to let go. She doesn't realise exactly how beautiful she is, but trust me she'll blow your mind. who ever gets to be with her is the luckiest person in the world and should cherish every moment with her. cos she is the best thing that would ever happen to them.
You need a Lucy in your life !!
by Caramel Bear 246 June 16, 2011
177 300
A girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Curvy and pretty, but is normally self conscious and wont take a compliment. Amazing smile and knows how to cheer someone up, she always wears a smile on her face and doesn't let petty things get to her but when something hits her, it hits her hard. She can be stubborn at the best of times and she always gets the blame in the end and sometimes she finds it hard but she knows her friends will help her through and at the end of the day that smile never comes off her face because sometimes she doesn't like showing the truth. She doesn't lie and she can keep a secret and the things that mean most to her she will keep close to her heart.
That girls a Lucy
How can you tell?
She's smiling on a rainy day.
by klkiddalyke June 15, 2011
119 242
Lucy's are amazing once you get to knoe them,they will be like your sister.They are beautifull and smart :)They always have a smile on thier face,There super kind and I LOVE DEM !
They like this boy called Martin :)
Person 2: shes taken by a boy called martin ;)
by katyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy1997 December 07, 2010
34 157
A narcissitic little bitch who will fuck you over. When you need her the most, she won't be there for you. When she walks into the room, you feel yourself heave.
I feel ill, lucy walked into the room, i've never heard anyone talk about themselves so much in such a short space of time.
by ghostbusterssssss November 28, 2009
50 174
A freaking stupid girl who takes her boyfriend for granted. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing with her life. Once again, she is freaking stupid. She has this AMAZING boyfriend who she doesn't even care about. A stupid freaking whore.
Lucy doesn't give a fuck about her boyfriend.
by Jojojojojojojojojojojojojojoho October 28, 2008
101 223
A really hot girl with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.
"look over there"
"its Lucy, what a hottie"
by loveyouXoXo August 21, 2008
468 591
a girl who gets bummed and gets rimmed
and enjoys it
"oh my god! that hurt but it was fun"
"your such a lucy"
by Fred poo March 06, 2008
62 185