The Lucy system is an ambiguous system of measurement based on the hight and wingspan of a Lucy. It exists in several variations, with a single Lucy being the equivalent to 1.56 metres. The Lucy measurement system can be used in a number of comparisons of different objects (its c. 250,000 Lucy’s from London to Scarborough or there are 20 cocktail sticks in a Lucy).
its about 250,000 Lucy’s from London to Scarborough or there are 20 cocktail sticks in a Lucy.
by mattywhi August 02, 2010
A really hot girl with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.
"look over there"
"its Lucy, what a hottie"
by loveyouXoXo August 21, 2008
Lucy such a asshole, yet you love her and would do anything for her.
Me- "Hey Lucy lets go to Disneyland"
Lucy- "Yes, why not"
Day of the plan comes
Me- *Texts Lucy*
Lucy- (No reply ever)

a week after...

Lucy- Wanna go to the Haunted Hay?
Me- Yes I'm up for it
Day of the event
Lucy picks me up and we go.


It's always Lucy's way!
by macaroniandcheeseee October 15, 2013
The strangest girl you will ever come across. some might find her mean and a bully, but she's just brutally honest. it takes a lot and a really long time but once you have her on your good side it's hard to lose her unless you screw it all up. she doesn't always seem like it but she will always be there for you and even taunt you with the guys you like while helping out.
Person: Does this top look cute?
Lucy: It looks like a dog ate it, threw it up, and ate it again.
by flafjlskfa;f;s November 11, 2013
A sensitive creature who often devolves emotion that manifests itself in various physical and sexual expressions. Misunderstood by many except those who understand the intricacies of her complicated mind set
Lucy will stick fingers in mouth when sexually aroused
by Dartagnon February 04, 2010
A girl that changes when boys are involved, someone i thought i could trust. Lucy is a typical girls name for a slag.

I used to like her. till she changed.

Im jealous of her. She gets all the boys becuase of the way she acts and her looks thats what makes me dislike her even more.

Go die Lucy.
girl 1- Look at lucy today!

girl 2 - shut the hell up shes just a flirt and deserves to die.
by ClaphamCordonK October 24, 2011
a girl who gets bummed and gets rimmed
and enjoys it
"oh my god! that hurt but it was fun"
"your such a lucy"
by Fred poo March 06, 2008
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