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A really glossy slick gel, sometimes found in flavors which you put on a males penis to make it easier, faster and harder while having regular, oral or butt sex.
Angie likes using lubricant with tonie so its harder and Marena likes strawberry lubricant while being with Cory
by unkown January 18, 2003
546 133
a slick substance that is put on a males penis to make it easier to put in a vagina.
masen put on the lubricant to make it easier to make his penis slip in.
by masen3333333333333333333333333 August 12, 2009
321 145
Anything that isn't a good or practical lubricant for masturbating purposes.
Mayonaisse, Shampoo,Yogurt, and Rocks are generally lubrican'ts when attempting to jerk off.
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
49 34
I have 50 bottles of it in my house
want to fuck me baby?
by MasterX November 04, 2004
207 583