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liquor of any form that induces intoxication and social lubrication (i.e., outgoing and gregarious behavior)
I gotta hit the social lubricant before kickin' it at the club.
by dbuny August 27, 2006
Any legal substance used to improve or enhance the mood of your date. Something that gets your date to open up.. be it her/his mouth; for converation or his/her legs for fornication. A situational substance that removes the friction from the dating process.
She was silent and stoic until we went to Jake's for some social lubricant. After two drinks we were talking about our parents and dancing like it was 1999.
by London Craig November 08, 2006
1. noun: a friend group, circle, or clique which is used by a member of said group to help facilitate relations (possibly intimate) with someone outside of the circle in a variety of possible ways. Can be considered a group of wingmen.
2. alcohol
Mark had a party and used us as social lubricant to help try and get into Tracy's pants.
by BusinessIncorperated December 02, 2014
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