food caught in between teeth immediately after eating
you've got lub
by Shannon August 14, 2003
Love .. durrr
I lub joo.


I lub you.
by Wes February 18, 2003
A pound of something (lb)
"yo man, can you hook up a lub?"
by Todd August 02, 2003
a more 'street' version of the term 'love'.
you, to your sweetheart: course I lub you, ho. now get over here and speak into the purple microphone
by joe shit the rag man April 18, 2004
a unique kind of smarmy, pompous love, of or relating to the severe douchebaggery of professor lublin
oh how i lub you. it makes me want to vomit.
by lord fauntleroy April 16, 2008
lub is when you care for someone but dont quite love them u can also luv them which is stronger than lub, wuv and wub, but not quite as strong as lurve or love !!!
ur special i lub u !!!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
The desire to engage in copulation with one's lover/partner.
I lub you
by Munki April 02, 2004

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