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4 definitions by Maffew

Means more than love but less than lub, especially when used in I Ruv You Joanne
I ruv you so much Joanne!!
by Maffew June 01, 2003
A glorious fiend that bukkakes any body that stops him from conducting his horrific fetishez.
"How you been bro? Oh mate, im silted up... How silted?? mate, im a silt warrior!"
by maffew May 23, 2004
"WHERE would I be w/ out you?" You fucking stupid ass brits.that first entry was really fuckin stupid
Ja rule of da game is, don't stop nigga hit if, I would,
by Maffew July 12, 2003
Means more than love and more than ruv. Especially when used like this, Joanne i lub u the mostest!!
Joanne hunny, i lub u sooooo muchiez!!!!
by Maffew June 01, 2003