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A sexual position. Which requires some setup

First ejaculate into your lovers anus.
Then take a straw and blow smoke up their rectum.
Finally your lover begins to squeeze their belly so that the smoke puffs out and the semen flows out like lava from a volcano.
I gave kropics the biggest love volcano last week... and then put the video on youtube. WEE!!!!!
by witto ol' me September 21, 2007
The slow emerging semen found present in males with abnormally small testicles an a prostate the size of a fist. Normally oozing out of the urethra like molasses in December. First signs of a man having this condition is having large balls accompanied by a stubby shwanz.
The average male ejaculate leaves the penis at a speed of 28 miles an hour. Travis on the other hand skeets like a sad love volcano.
by theryno June 04, 2007
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