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When a single uncooked kernel of corn is inserted into the opening of a penis. During sex, semen acts as gunpowder to the unsuspecting kernel, fireing it into the woman, causing immediate death, or a weird look.
I knew a girl who fell victim to the cold death of the musket, shot down in her prime.
by theryno May 18, 2007
When a ping pong ball is gently forced (shot) out of a vagina worthy of the task. Usually performed while laying on her back, if peformed while standing it is just gross.
During a game of beer pong in the garage, some ass stepped on the last ball in use. Then, to our dismay, Stephanie slow pitched us our replacement. Thanks Steph!
by theryno May 18, 2007
The slow emerging semen found present in males with abnormally small testicles an a prostate the size of a fist. Normally oozing out of the urethra like molasses in December. First signs of a man having this condition is having large balls accompanied by a stubby shwanz.
The average male ejaculate leaves the penis at a speed of 28 miles an hour. Travis on the other hand skeets like a sad love volcano.
by theryno June 04, 2007

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