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Irish, particularly Dublin, slang that means someone who ruins things, or just a general bollix.
He loused that up!
He's a feckin' louser!
by fromireland October 13, 2007
A person called Louis who is a loser.
Louis Gilmour is a Lou-ser
"Louis was a Lou-ser"
by Dave Franklin April 11, 2007
a louser (think houser but with a L) is someone who spends free time doing fuck all. this someone or someones could be doing Something, but that something is actually a meangless waste of time. the someone in question, has no life, no hobbies that matter and is hardly ever productive. lousers may think they help, just by being in the room, but in fact they do not.
nana what are you doing?
playing free cell.
tata what are you doing?
playing solitaire.
jeez! you guys are fucking lousers!
by tassh March 20, 2008
1. A lousy loser.

2. Someone who catches lice (like a fisherman except with lice)
Man! Terrance is such a louser. He's always braiding his hair in Robotics club.
by iawditn9494 April 21, 2008
A combination of the word Loser and Louse (the singular of lice) used to describe the most annoying type of creep. Originally coined at WPI.
Courtney: Yeah, he decided to live at home.
Robert: Living at home in college? What a louser.
by tedium June 20, 2005
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