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Orgasm that occurs when placing the penis as far into the vagina as possible. Quite popular among computer science majors, as "algorithms" is just an anagram for it.
Marie didn't finish her homework for algorithms because she was busy getting some extra help along with a hilt orgasm or two.
by tedium April 28, 2005
it's like, when you pretend that your hand is a sword, like a blade
and then you, kind of, you know, assblade.
sean: ok, if you bend over in ront of me, i can pretend my hand is an assblade and stab your ass.
by tedium March 16, 2005
Like a 'port' on a computer that no longer works, even though there's a cable in it, used to describe a woman who lies there doing nothing during sex. Coined at WPI.
John: Hey, I heard you fucked that hot chick you met yesterday. Damn, she must have been good!
Robert: Eh, she was a dead port, I would have been better off with by myself with some lotion.
by tedium June 21, 2005
A combination of the word Loser and Louse (the singular of lice) used to describe the most annoying type of creep. Originally coined at WPI.
Courtney: Yeah, he decided to live at home.
Robert: Living at home in college? What a louser.
by tedium June 20, 2005

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