Top Definition
THE HOTTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! sweetest, kindest, most understanding, and my vocabulary is not big enough to begin to describe Lopa.
I love you, Lopa. You're the bestest girlfriend in the world!
by tu amor December 08, 2004
Lack of Pussy Action
Greg's acting like a total asshole today, it looks like he has a case of the LoPA.
by Professor Jbird September 14, 2015
joker or clown; proclivity for oversized shoes, bad hair, and balloon animals
bozo the clown, krusty the clown; also, see "killer clowns from outer space"
by her mother March 17, 2005
clown or joker; usually implies a proclivity to floppy shoes and balloon animals
krusty; bozo; Jeff Foster
by her mother March 17, 2005
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