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used by british soldiers in northern ireland to describe an IRA terrorist who accidently blew themselves up with their own bomb.
Looks like another own goal to me
by bob248 May 06, 2008
A careless act of breaking wind, where the culprit is trapped by location or circumstance and is forced to suffer the scent of their own flatulence in unhappy solitude. Possible locations include an elevator, an office cubicle, or a sleeping bag.
Adam had just sat down to watch Suits when an abdominal rumble rippled through his digestive system. He leaned back and released a mighty cloud, which went on to punish his olfactory receptors mercilessly. "Fuck," thought Adam, "That was an own goal."
by TheACM September 05, 2015
When shooting your load whilst masturbating, accidentally getting a portion of sperm in your mouth.
Gareth: What'd you get up to last night man?
Damo: Bro, had the house to myself so I decided to polish one off and dammit I had an Own Goal.
Gareth: Great story mate.
by thishappenedatgas June 27, 2011
n. a fart so obnoxious, that even he who dealt it cannot stay in its presence.
shot an own goal there didn't cha?
by Paul January 04, 2004
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