its the new LOL. commonly used on Instant messanger and online chats. defining laughing out loud.

LOP stands for laughing on people.
your so funny you made me LOP
#lop #lol #jayden #ronald #theirishsailor #new word of the day #smileyface
by CaptianRonald July 27, 2009
Acronym for "Laughing out poop"
Knock knock.
Whose there?
Orange Who?
Orange You glad I didnt say world domination?
wow did you just shit yourself.
yeah man.
#lol #lmao #funny #knock #joke #shit #ass #poop #wow #acroynm #laugh #laughing #out
by bardstudent April 03, 2010
This term refers to the undisputed LOP(Life Of the Party)
and can be given at any event that involves alcaholic beverages. Usually on Long Island when the LOP is awarded hi5's and hugs are shared by all.
Party goer 2: "should we crown him LOP"
Party goer 1"loplop"
Party goer 2: "life win"
#best #night #ever #crown #win
by IMUNDERGROUND September 01, 2009
The new version of the internet slang "lol". Contrary to the internet slang "lol", in the instance of using the term "lop" the user is literally laughing when looking at the computer. The term "lop" means laugh out pie, or lots of pie. When lop is most commonly used is when a friend says a funny joke during an instant messaging session, making the opposite friend laugh hard enough to make pie come out of their mouth, regardless of the pie being or not being in their mouth in the first place.
555-6757: dude we have to read romeo and juliet for english

555-7870: seriously? isn't that the book where they kiss and talk and then kiss and die

555-6757: lop

555-7870: can i have some pie?
#lol #laugh out loud #dnl #limh #lag
by the person who's awesome August 15, 2009
a person that can't be explained because of the moranic ideas that they hold or idiotic actions they do.
that foo' is a lop, 'cause he doesn't know how to chill wit his homies.
by steven Lord July 31, 2004
lack of potential, morons!
Van is such a lop!
by Smelly January 07, 2004
Lop stands for "laughing out pancakes".
OMG that is soo funny! You made me lop!!
#lol #laugh #pancakes #funny #random
by quackquaaack April 01, 2009
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