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n. an old synonym for 69, describing the sexual act of mutual oral stimulation.
God it was hot when Betty and Rachel looped-the-loop.
by paddlenaked March 26, 2004
n. A euphemism for masturbation in reference to the song "All By Myself." Used mostly by ugly-ass high school girls passing notes at the Twins game next to the left field pole.
Ugly Girl 1: I've been Greendaying every once in a while, but i really don't think about Jesse all that often. I swear.

Ugly Girl 2: Eeeeeww!!!

*stupid bitches*
by paddlenaked June 27, 2004
1. adj. describes an object, person, or situation which is gay, but not in that cool man-love sorta way.
Steve got cuffed and thrown in the back of a cop car for throwing a f**king snowball? That's gaytron.
by paddlenaked March 25, 2004
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