Top Definition AKA The Prank institute (or the PI for short) is a forum about pranking. It used to be clogged up with useless crap until it became a PHP forum. You can find many different types of pranks there, but be weary of posting something that you think has been thought up before. Members tend to be hot-tempered and looking for a flame.

These days, many of the "senior members" (members that have alot of posts or have been on the site for some time) influence the site in a big way, and the "pranking" sections aren't as active. However, you can always find a good debate in the "Prank Wars" section on various timely issues, or just converse in the "User Chat" section.
I just went to post on about how I pwned my teacher.
by Uncle_Robby1236 February 15, 2007
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