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Some one that stands JUST outside the shoulder circle. However, it doesn't always have to be outside a shoulder circle, one can just stand behind any random person.
Can put their head over other peoples shoudlers (dirty loom)
- 'Man, stop looming us!'
- 'Dude. You're getting loomed.'
- 'Go away, you dirty loom!'
- *turns around to find themselves being loomed* 'Ahh!'
#lom #looming #loomer #looms #loom #scroom #scrape #scraper #vincent
by RadicalRat April 11, 2009
Some one that looms and scrapes dirtily at the same time.
Another word for a scroom is a vincent (no offense to people with that name)
- 'Vincent, stop scrooming!'
- 'You dirty scroom.'
- 'He's such a loner, he's scrooming himself!'
#loom #scrape #scrom #vincent #scrooom
by RadicalRat April 11, 2009
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