Looms is a phrase used by all the Gangtaz and Thugs meaning: "damn this is funnier than a blindfolded, midget soccer game on a field of Lava, while riding pink zebras, playing with a ball constructed of blood oranges"
"Ya my hommie, i was pimp'n it up on my couch. watching the price is right and IASIP. it was funny. ya see?"

"Hehehe, LOOMS"
by claire reiner October 27, 2007
A colloquial description of a homosexual or lesbian person. The word 'Loom' is loosely originated from 'Fruit of the Loom', a major brand of clothing. Fruit is also slang for a person who is gay. The latter word Loom has recently gained popularity at the turn of the 21st Century when describing Queers.
1. Man, they got nuthin but Looms working out at this gym.

2. I think we're in Loomsville - the gay district.

3. Queer Guy: Hey let's go looming tonight at our favorite bar.

4. Jim roosTa: Yo dude, that Loom over there is checking you out dawg. LOL!

Jack himalaYa: Fuck you. You got it all wrong - that Loom is looking at you fool.
by vedenos March 28, 2007
Another word for boxers/underwear. Shortened version of fruit of looms.
Today I pantsed a kid and he had pink looms on.
by Tobi Fash August 23, 2009
a term that defines a person as being drunk.
man, that chick is straight loomin' tonight.
by angiebaby August 02, 2004
fruit of this is an expanding company for thop
paka- those are good
by pok November 14, 2002
One who craps his pants often. He is also rather flachuent, and farts a lot too. He smells as well
The Loom crapped his pants.
by Beans September 22, 2003
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