when your ball sack is bigger than your penis
tommy lee- have you seen the picture of obomas dick

pamela anderson- ew i know its a fucking looch
by GREG pooptard September 24, 2009
Top Definition
to imbibe with pleasure: beer or pot
hey, lemme looch that joint
another beer already? you are loochin it down
by j(tougher than nails)t December 29, 2008
another name for gin and tonic
why don't you go and have yourself a looch
by bob marley August 17, 2003
To take something too far; to use a joke well-beyond the point at which it stops being funny; to do anything that is generally found overwhelming and/or intolerable

Synonyms: overdo, overuse, not know when to stop
Pat: "God damn it, I really hate these cats. Fuck you, Bedrick!"

Ben: "Yeah Bedrick, you stupid fucking asshole cat!"


Ben: "Dude, stop. You're looching it right now."
by sooshandsploosh March 10, 2013
Loose tabacco. Either purchased as such, or removed from a cigarette, and mixed with marijuana.
Steve always smokes his bongs with lots of looch.
by MK88 January 19, 2009
Opposite of a chode, a pencil dick. Sometimes up to 2 meters in length, like an acorn tied to a string.
That guy has the longest fuckin' looch I ever seen!

Donald hanged himself with his own looch.

He aggressively cut cake with his looch.

donald looch cake meter acorn
by StuGasaurus March 31, 2015
(n.) A word describing a homosexual male, usually one who is "in the closet". Often used in conjunction with the suffix "Backdoor".

(v.) To perform a action of varying degrees of homosexuality. I looch, you looch, he she it looches, we looch, they looch; we are looching; looched all over
Backdoor Looch has struck again.

I just took a huge looch.

I looched all over your mom last night.

I looched that kid's bike.
by King of the Brocean Broseidon February 24, 2010
A man that has sex with a lot of women; a male slut; manwhore
Girl, I wouldn't mess around with him, he's a real looch -- he's probably got a disease or somethin'.
by kevin009 October 25, 2008
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