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the perfect combination of nye and razo

meaning soul-mates, lovers, athletes, cheezits, future couple, future married couple, corn bread, razzed berries, ect.
"yo man they are such a Nazo!"
" i know!"

"what? Nazo?"

"yo pass the Nazo"

"yo man i got some Nazo last night!"
"from allison??"
"nah my (ex)girlfriend"
"joe thats a dude."
by DVPstalker November 04, 2010
term used when someone constantly looks at the same person's facebook and stallks their life like they're in a relationship, but aren't. then trys to decide who is/isn't allowed to be their friends. when in actuallity the one they creep on is in love with another person. and they know it.
i dont even know youu! stop facebook creepin!
by DVPstalker November 16, 2010
someone who thinks they're so hot and flirts with everyone when they really look like a 4th grader with a 7th grader haircut. puts multiple <3's when texting someone but isn't really interested. tries to act like a player but it doesn't work.
boy-"hey babe<3 lol"
girl's friend-"who ya texting?"
girl-"patrick, i think he likes me."
girl's friend-"nooooo. he's such a pnel!"
girl-"oh." *texts back* "sorry got to go"
by DVPstalker November 24, 2010
someone who constantly mooches off other people lotion in school/work
"i have orange on my fingers can i use ur lotion"
"sorry i don't have any."
"that's a lie"
by DVPstalker November 16, 2010

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