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the exact opposite of shorthand. longhanded writers tend to exaggerate letters that make the word awkward and hard to read. the correct form of longhand is used when the writer exaggerates one letter, usually the last letter or an important letter. incorrect longhand writers will emphasize letters that shouldnt be. for example, the word yo, meaning hey, or what's up, would become yyyyyo. everyone seems to hate this annoying text. my friends, mitch and georgia, have perfected this retarded language.
here's an IM conversation i had with my friend mitch.

me: yo nigga!
mitch: wwwhaaatss upp sson?
me: why do you ruin my life with your ridiculous longhand.
mitch: wwtf aaree yyyou talllkinnng abouuut?
by the big skeez February 25, 2008
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