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An internet commenter or web content creator paid by Vladimir Putin / the FSB / the Kremlin / the Russian government to create anti-Western content. Characterised by outrageous claims in broken English, often pretending to be British or American to comic effect. Posts include forged photographs, fabricated news stories, insults, or often many hundreds of pro-Russian comments in order to sow discord and uncertainty, to further Russian political goals and to stifle rational debate on Russia-related topics. Easily identifiable due to poor use of English and repetitive posting.
Portmanteau of "troll" and "-ski" (Russian suffix adjectival suffix).
The trollskis are all over the comments section of this article about Putin invading Ukraine.
by Fu21 November 18, 2014
Someone that constantly deflates another and is very stubborn. Often, these characteristics mask a very gentle, kind and beautiful person underneath. But only a few catch a glimpse of their other side.
Person: 'I'm slow in the head but im really trying to get better'
Trollski: 'You're so gay!'
Person: You're you're a 'trollski'
by Deflatedman April 27, 2010
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