A tasty donut.
Long John is rich so he bought me a dozen long johns from Dunkin Donuts
by Peters style! February 09, 2004
Top Definition
penis of extraordinary length
Ludacris: the stank puss makes mylong john pause. -Southern Hospitality
by thedudeman May 28, 2004
Long Underwear that is worn in the winter
Its cold outside I better wear my long johns so my balls don't freeze off!
by kow_heman February 25, 2005
When after anal sex, you remove your condom and smack your partner across the face with it.
Davey gave his wife a longjohn, and now they are getting divorced.
by coffeechris2k February 02, 2008
another pair of leg hugging trousers that are used to keep you warm when it is cold. my homies wear them under their baggy jeans and wear them down low.
yo al i getting me long johns so i can wear me jeans down lower
by joe mills March 23, 2007
something that a guy wears to impress sexy girls on a first date.
that babe was all over those long johns
by Jacktheman August 07, 2007
Long-john \lawng-jon\, verb:
to repetively irritate; to bother incessantly; to drive crazy.

"stop long-johning me, get that thing out of my face already"

by mE$c@Li+O~ March 12, 2009
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