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A grimy dirty little urchin or waif with ratted greasy hair. Usually female.
Lisa and Jenny look like a couple of ragamuffins today.
by RT July 04, 2003
absolutley, without a doubt, for sure, unbeatable, "can't be licked"
"That brand of whiskey is the cat's ass"
"I'll drink this whole bottle of whiskey, cat's ass"
by RT July 19, 2004
Thulasi's are the the best of the best. They are the ultimate breed of humans. They are extremely intelligent and strong. They will get things their way or they will soon make it their way. They have the best luck with women and are very wealthy. If you know a Thulasi, be thankful because they are like god and if you are loyal to them, good things will happen to you.
If he/she is a thulasi, then you know his/her game is nasty.
by RT February 22, 2005
When, after a spicy meal, a man, preferably the governor of Texas or the President of the United States, takes a shit on a woman's chest, then titty fucks her.
"What say you and me go back to the Lincoln Bedroom and I show you what we mean in Texas by Chili Con Carne?"
by RT November 22, 2004
Hey. Sure, Brooks Brothers is a standard preppy store, but don't forget BASS. Of course, they sew the Weejuns!
Bass Weejuns -- loafers with the money appropriately inserted.
by RT April 02, 2005
The King of Towns laughter.
"Ooh... Ooh... I've got to call you back, my pizza's just arrived, doo hoo hoo."
-King Of Town
by RT March 23, 2004
In local caribean dialect, from Curaçao & Lesser Antilles, meaning asshole; this done with out using any insulting terms. Also to be used as burak'i fluit.(lit: flute hole)
Buraku di Fluit (Asshole)
Skòp den su buraku di fluit!(Kick up his/her Asshole)
by rT February 25, 2005
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