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Licking a lollipop(candy)and then applying it to a womans clitoral region to make oral sex a more pleasurable experience and better tasting and smelling one at that.
When I am lollipopping her it smells like grape jelly.
by Chas G July 22, 2008
There popular style of wearing a lollipop on the back of shirt.
Ron: "You have a lollipop on the back of your shirt"

Leslie: "That's the style now Ron. It's called lollipopping. All the kids are doing it."
by tangosling February 23, 2012
Slowly masturbating a man whilst vigourously tounging his asshole until orgasm.
I really enjoy lollipopping my men
by dirtylittlehorndog January 05, 2011
Verb (To Lollipop) - As seen on the Television show Scrubs,

When somebody gives you the silent treatment, sing the song "Lollipop" but leave some of the lyrics out. This song is so catchy that the person who is ignoring you will finish the song.
Person 1: So is Kelly still ignoring you.
Person 2: No I Lollipopped her, so she immediatley gave in. Lollipopping always works.
by Aaaight April 12, 2011
The sound of a girl's mouth suctioning off of a wiener during a blow job.
Quit lollipopping my dick, bitch.. my parents are in the front seat!
by kanklesgalore January 30, 2012
the act of a lollipop man or woman who helps children cross busy roads with the help of a lollipop pole.
Lollipopping is a child-friendly gesture.
by uttam maharjan January 01, 2011
A sexual act in which an individual sucks on a used tampon during intercourse.
Did you see those new internet pictures of Dave Coulier lollipopping Whoopi Goldberg's tampax?
by TheRabidRhino May 10, 2004