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The characteristic jarring note transition/inflection, unnatural vibrato and underlying roughness of the vocals created by Vocaloid singing synthesizer software. Songs with high loidness are easily identifiable as a synthetic creation (i.e. by computer), while songs with low loidness can be mistaken by those unfamiliar with Vocaloid to be sung by humans (i.e. real people).

Though it is easier to reduce loidness in new versions of Vocaloid software, loidness is not necessarily a negative attribute in synthesized songs; many listeners consider it an integral part of a Vocaloid persona, and enjoy its presence in such songs.

Synthetic vocals without loidness will likely be extremely competitive in the general singing industry, though acceptance of loidness would probably also increase.
"Right, so I've listened to these three songs for hours, and then ranked them from low to high loidness: Miracle∞Gumiracle (Megpoid GUMI), Ai Dee (Megurine Luka/Hatsune Miku) and Jenga (Hatsune Miku)." - A slightly OCD loidphile.

"I think the newer Vocaloid songs of experienced producers have increasingly refined loidness." A slightly pretentious loidphile.
by DistantUtopia October 01, 2013
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