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1 Relating to film or motion picture (cinema). Originally a trademark for film.
2 Artificial

History: celluloid is a colorless flammable material made from nitrocellulose and camphor, which was used to make photographic and cinema film
1 On the celluloid screen
2 The characters were flat and celluloid
by fae March 11, 2005
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1. Plastic or fake, like the actual material.
2. A person who is constantly attached to their cell phone
3. (rare) A film geek.
1. "Did you see Karen bragging to Aaron? She's so celluloid."
2. "I saw went through Karen's cell phone the other day and her phone book has 315 people! When did she start being a celluloid?"
3. "Marco actually held a private indie screening in his basement, he's a complete celluloid."
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005
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