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Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ (Meh-goo-ree-neh (Loo/roo)-(kuh/kah)(Western Form. Luka Megurine)) is a Japanese VOCALOID of the VOCALOID 2 era, created by Crypton Future Media Incorporated. She has long pink hair and blue eyes and a two-piece chèuhngsāam/qípáo, accompanied by a gold brooch mimicking brass instruments as well as the circulatory organ, and she has a slim figure. Her surname, Megurine, combines the kanji 巡 (Jun (Circulate/Around)) and 音 (Oto (Sound)), and her first name, Luka, combines 流 (Nagare (Flow)) and the homonyms 歌 and 香 (Both pronounced "Ka" (Song/Scent Respectively)). This fusion of characters is meant to make "Songs to All Around the World as Scent Spreads". She is meant to give off many different types of voices (Cute, Mature, Sexy, Strong) and she is used in several genres of music. Her voice bank has had some bugs and difficulties, and she hasn't had as many improvements or additions as the other VOCALOIDs of the Character Vocal/Piapro Characters series. However, many love her beautiful voice as it is.

Trivia :

Did you know? Megurine Luka's name was originally supposed to be Hatsune Miku! But that was later given to the teal-haired cute figure many see as the face of VOCALOID, being the most popular.

Did you know? Luka can be heard in the original musical score "Arisen Anew" from a Homestuck album called AlterniaBound!

Even though Ruka is the technical Romanization of her Japanese name, her name is officially Romanized as Luka (not Ruka, or Luca).
Person 1: Who is your favourite VOCALOID?
Person 2: Mine is Megurine Luka! She sounds so pretty . She looks so cool when she plays her guitar to Leia by Yuyoyuppe!
Person 1: Same! Her outfit and style is so beautiful as well (⋈◍>◡<◍) ✧♡
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by Existential Dread Taco August 12, 2017
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