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A delicate function perfomed by a certified hooker that begins with her giving oral pleasure to a customer while said customer proceeds to pummel her with quick rabbit punches.
"Dude that hook owes me one sweet lohan for that price."

"I can't believe you lohaned your boss!"
by Frizzooooo April 11, 2008
71 34
To get drunk, sauced, housed, blasted, hammered, wasted and blackout.
I completely lohaned last night, i drank way too much and don't even remember how I got home. Oh! wait... I drove, like my car into a tree!
by CBra June 06, 2007
11 9
The act of banging a girl on all fours. Similar to doggystyle
Damn man I lohaned the shit outta this bitch last night
by steeleclem January 30, 2009
5 5
v. To get uterly wasted and make a fool one self. Derived from the antics of underage celebrity alcaholic, Lindsey Lohan.
Damn dude, I got Lohaned last night!!!
by mbbeets June 03, 2007
11 12